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A big portion of making sure your child is healthy is protecting their teeth. From trips to the dentist to helping them brush their teeth every night, there’s a lot that goes into proper dental care. It’s important to start proper dental care habits young so...

South Florida Dentistry and Fluoride Dentists are great at understanding their patients when they speak during appointments. They've learned how to understand "hand in mouth-ese," that language we all speak when a dentist is cleaning our teeth. It's amazing how well a conversation can last when...

A Million Questions After the Procedure Congratulations! The frenotomy was a success, and your tongue tied baby is back in home after the procedure. Like most parents with young children, you're facing another situation without all of the answers. Here's a quick and simple guide on...

Traditionally, most kids don't like going to the dentist. It can be an uncomfortable experience. However, pediatric dentistry is changing.  Modern dental tools have eased the process.  As a result, children are more comfortable; plus, preventive care is better. Today, it's more worthwhile to seek...

Without a doubt, good habits are best taught from an early age. This includes everything from manners and healthy eating to - you guessed it - dental hygiene. Getting your child to brush their teeth and avoid sugar is a great start, but it isn't...

A Healthy Mouth, A Healthy Body Maintaining your child's healthy mouth does more than just give them sparkling, white teeth. It also promotes overall good health. Poor dental hygiene puts your kid at risk for various diseases while taking care of their gums and teeth protects...