Parkland Pediatric Holistic Dentist

Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry is a Parkland Pediatric Holistic Dentist in an office kids feel comfortable and safe.Oral health issues undoubtedly affect the individual’s overall health. The treatment considered to fix a dental problem must not affect the rest of the child’s body negatively. Treating a cavity on a child requires not only immediate care but also assistance in finding the causes, teaching healthy habits and preventing new cavities from forming.

At our Parkland Pediatric Holistic Dentist office, we work towards building an adult with positive hygiene habits in order to prevent future tooth decay. Dr. Saadia recognized the need for more modern approach to pediatric dentistry beyond the traditional “teeth cleaning” and “cavity filling” technique. She believes in a proactive, holistic method to dentistry centered around prevention and education.

parkland pediatric holistic dentist

Dr. Saadia and her team of dental care professionals are committed to providing compassionate care and progressive treatment for each and every child. Dr. Saadia is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She also serves as an active member of the World Clinical Laser Institute as well as on the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.
Her and her team offers a wide range of pediatric dental services including:

Parkland Pediatric Holistic Dentist Gentle Care for Children

Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing each family with a warm, welcoming and comfortable experience. The holistic dentistry approach and laser dentistry techniques used by Dr. Saadia and her staff aim to keep clients at-ease. We believe every parent should be well-informed when making health care decision for their children. Our website serves as a hub of pediatric dentistry information for parents and families to learn. Please contact us for any and all pediatric dental care questions. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Saadia, please call the Parkland Pediatric Holistic Dentist at 561-296-7775 for more information.