1) Answer:

True – The baby teeth should be cared for because they help in smiling, speech, chewing food, developing the jaw and holding space for permanent teeth.

2) The Tooth Fairy’s going rate for a tooth that falls out is:

a – $1 per tooth
b – $5
c – $3.75
d – $10 in Boca, $5 everywhere else
e – Depends on the zip code.

2) Answer:

E – Depends on the zip code.

3) Answer:

True – The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a dental home by the child’s first birthday.

4) In choosing a pediatric dentist you should:

a – Choose one who puts your child at ease.
b – Choose one you trust.
c – Look for a dentist with strong credentials and rigorous training.
d – Consider visiting the dental office prior to the first visit.
e – All of the above.

4) Answer:

E – All of the above.

5) Answer:

False – X-rays should be taken when they provide valuable information.

6) Your child should see a pediatric dentist:

a – Every three months
b – Every six months
c – Once a year
d – When they have a toothache
e – It depends on the individual needs of the child

6) Answer:

E – It depends on the individual needs of the child

7) It’s important for your pediatric dentist to:

a – Explain treatment plans to both you and your child before beginning any procedure
b – Discuss fees prior to the procedure
c – Be accessible to you through e-mail, text or cell phone for emergencies or important questions during non-business hours
d – Prepare for each child’s visit the night before the appointment
e – All of the above

7) Answer:

E – All of the above

8) You should change your child’s toothbrush:

a – Every month
b – Every three months
c – Every six months
d – Only in months that end with the letter “y”
e – Every three months or if your child gets a cold.

8) Answer:

E – Every three months or if your child gets a cold.

9) Your child should brush his or her teeth at least:

a – After every meal
b – Once a day
c – Twice a day
d – When ever they remember

9) Answer:

C – Twice a day

11) You know you’re child is old enough to start brushing his or her own teeth when he or she can:

a – Take the cap off the toothpaste
b – Can tie a shoe
c – Go to school for the first time
d – Can solve an algebra equation without any help

11) Answer:

B – Can tie a shoe

12) To find out how you can get the best dental care for your child you can:

a – Call our office at 561-477-3535.
b – Visit our office at 9250 Glades Road, Suite 212, Boca Raton.
c – Send us an e-mail at Contact@PBPDCARES.com.
d – All of the above.

12) Answer:

D – All of the above.