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It’s amazing how such a simple procedure can have such a great impact on your child’s life! When I determine that a frenectomy in Boca Raton is right for a patient, I’m hopeful for their future smile and oral health. Keep reading to learn about...

You may have heard of the expression “tongue-tied” however, are you aware that a tongue tie is an actual physical condition that can affect your child’s speech? Or your baby’s eating habits? Below are a few helpful ways to identify the condition at home. If...

So, our dentist has suggested that your child undergo a frenectomy. Don’t worry! This is a minor procedure that can restore the function of your child’s smile. But, what exactly is this Palm Beach children’s dentistry procedure changing? It’s called the frenum. Keep reading to...

Let’s face it, at a certain age getting kids to do anything can be like pulling teeth. Especially when it is something they don’t want to do like brush their teeth. While some nights it might seem easier to just let them skip it, having...

As a parent, you want your child to be happy and healthy. When it comes to oral health, developing the right habits is essential for keeping their smiles healthy. Here are some tips for helping your child achieve excellent oral health from a kids dentist...